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Virtual CISO Services

Nordisk Systems’ Virtual CISO Services helps analyze and identify business risk in existing infrastructure while providing a strategic direction to protect client information. We’ve helped clients utilize industry best practices to develop security and incident response programs, integrate compliance updates, provide a competitive analysis of technical controls, and deliver on demand advisory services. Reach out to Nordisk Systems today to see how we can help establish an effective cybersecurity strategy for your business.

Security Program Creation and Management | Incident Response Program Development | Tabletop Exercise Simulations

Technical Advisory Services | Remediation Program Development

Nordisk Systems Strategic Approach

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Physical computer security policies regarding physical access controls

Nordisk Multi-Factor Authentication2

Network security policies and procedures

Nordisk Identity Consolidation

Network security policies and procedures

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Contingency and disaster recovery plans and testing

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Information security awareness and training

Nordisk Active Directory Services

Information security management and coordination policies


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