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Cybersecurity Solutions

As today’s cyber threats continue to evolve, both internally and externally, it is crucial for organization to have the appropriate response and recovery strategy in place alongside implemented security practices. At Nordisk Systems, our cybersecurity professionals specialize in security consulting, data protection, security intelligence and analytics, security remediation, incident management and more. We’ll work with you to address your individual needs to provide solutions that best match your business goals.


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Collecting and Aggregating Data

Identifying, Categorizing and Analyzing Incidents

Implementation of Defense Capabilities

Identity Management

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Active Directory Federation Services

Multi-Factor Authentication Configuration and Deployment

Identity Consolidation

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Endpoint Management

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Threat Defense and Remediation

Secure Access Management

Consolidated Resources

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Virtual CISO

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Mitigate Costly Cybercrimes

Address Non-Compliance

Reduce Data Breaches

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Market Differentiators

  • Social Engineering: With over 10 years of experience battling social engineering, our Cybersecurity professional will verify the likelihood, impact and relevance of successful social engineering attacks such as Phishing, Masquerading, Pretexting and Persuasion.

  • Virtual CISO: With over 450 clients across all industry verticals, our front-line intelligence on current issues provides organization with the insights on how similar companies face cyber-threats.

  • Threat Modeling: Rather than traditional approaches of remediating results and symptoms, our team focuses on potential negative outcomes such as data theft and work backwards to identify all potential vectors that may cause harm.

  • Threat Hunting: Our Machine Learning platform coupled with manual hunting sifts through the dark web for known breaches and available metadata to pinpoint the sources of leaks.

  • AI/ML for Cybersecurity: We leverage AI to reduce the noise in security intelligence to quickly remove Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and shorten response times.

Nordisk Systems Strategic Approach


Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Management

File Integrity Monitoring

Regulation and Compliance Management

Mobile Device Management

Sensitive Data Identification

Database Vulnerability Assessment

Data Security Risk Identification


Network Intrusion Detection/Prevention

Unified Threat Management

Data Loss Prevention


Email Security

Identity and Access Management / MFA

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Data Access Prevention

Data Security Managed Services


Security Information and Event Management

Endpoint Detection and Response

Database Activity Monitoring

Web Content Filtering

DNS Security

Table-top Exercise Training

File Activity Monitoring

Data Security Risk Mitigation

Data Security Analytics


Incident Response Platform

Incident Response Integration

Patch Management

Security Awareness Training


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data Archiving

Data Retention

Database Activity Audit


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