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Private Cloud Solutions

At Nordisk Systems, we simplify the transition of internal servers to the cloud. Our cloud can be configured to meet any requirements and our strong background makes us a top-tier partner for cloud modeling and migration. Based on our industry leading partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, IBM and more, our cloud computing solutions will support any workload or mission critical application.

Backup Services

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Our cloud-based backup and recovery protects your mission critical data, offers immediate restoration and improved security utilizing industry-leading software, off-site storage and support in a single solution.

Disaster Recovery

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Our comprehensive, cloud-based disaster recovery is the perfect fit for organizations that want to modernize or consolidate their DR capabilities but may lack the time or resources to implement their own DR solution.

Cloud Monitoring

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Our Cloud Monitoring as a Service puts restraints on monitoring sprawl and uses monitoring data to make informed business decision and updates to the organization’s network, servers and storage.

Object Storage

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Leverage the power of cloud object storage to address massive data growth and meet your changing storage needs. Enjoy flexibility to meet changing needs, the scalability across any network and the simplicity of both management and cost.

Featured Cloud Computing Partners


Experts are here to help answer your questions. Technology matters can be complicated, engineers are on hand to help inform you of every aspect regarding your topic. Nordisk takes great pride delivering the highest level of support and looks forward to hearing from you.