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Nordisk Systems, Inc. has years of experience in a variety of industries including education, finance, government, healthcare, and manufacturing. Our solutions are created with industry-specific regulations and requirements in mind. We work with powerful brands to provide our clients with specific and comprehensive IT solutions based on their needs.

Let us be your technology consultant and service provider to help you reach your strategic IT goals!


The healthcare and technology fields walk hand and hand. As these industries continue to grow, so do the demanding regulations and expectations for quality of service. Nordisk Systems’ Healthcare specialists have earnestly supported Portland’s largest healthcare providers for over two decades. Armed with abundant experience and knowledge of enterprise technologies our healthcare team is equipped to protect the modern EMR and other vital applications.


Modern manufacturers are dedicated to providing the highest quality products, at the most competitive price, in the timeliest fashion. Today, this can only be achieved through leveraging Analytics and IoT technologies. Nordisk Systems’ Manufacturing Division supports manufacturers from Oregon’s most prominent to multinational enterprises. Our highly regarded local manufacturing team provides leaders with critical insights, essential vision, and innovative solutions.


The world runs on energy. When families depend on power getting to their homes, Energy Companies depend on their IT infrastructure. Cyber security is paramount for counter terrorism and fraud detection. Real time analytics provide route optimization to ensure the highest level of customer service is achieved.


In the gaming industry, reliability, security/compliance, and application speed is paramount. Every second of down time is a staggering liability. Our Gaming specialists have experience supporting some of the largest resorts in Las Vegas and Northwest Tribal Casinos. Nordisk understands the unique challenges faced by casino’s and is equipped to meet their objectives.


Finance is a very intricate industry for information solutions. Finance leaders deal with perpetual changes in regulations, robust reporting, and security challenges. Nordisk Systems devoted a Finance division to tackle the challenges facing the largest financial firms. This team of Northwest natives also understands the value that local credit unions bring to the region and are passionate about providing them with exceptional support in infrastructure, security, and analytics.


Education is the vital foundation of growth for our society. Nordisk Systems’ I.T. professionals, made up of local alumni, are passionate about providing the highest level of support to school districts, universities, and institutes around the Pacific Northwest and nationwide.


Experts are here to help answer your questions. Technology matters can be complicated, engineers are on hand to help inform you of every aspect regarding your topic. Nordisk takes great pride delivering the highest level of support and looks forward to hearing from you.