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Join Converge Technology Solutions Corp. and Mist, (a Juniper company) at 4PM PST on August 27 for a virtual mixology event and to hear about a powerful proximity tracing solution.

Anticipating the “new norm” is becoming the top IT initiative for many businesses today. Actually, IT departments are being asked to help their businesses address key questions such as:

  • If someone has identified as positive for a virus (or exhibiting symptoms), with whom did they recently come in contact?
  • What areas within the office campus did they visit? How long were they there?
  • Are there certain areas on campus (i.e. “hot zones”) that are more susceptible to spreading a virus?
  • Can proactive actions be taken to prevent unnecessary contact?

After a short 30 minute conversation, you’ll unpack a pre-shipped box of goodies and be treated to a Mixology event where you’ll learn how to make a new cocktail, and ask questions to a star
mixologist. Smart AND Fun!