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The Red Hat Ansible for Windows Automation Workshop is a one-day, hands-on virtual workshop covering the basics of Ansible Automation including Ansible Tower to automate Windows environments. This hands-on workshop details utilizing Windows modules with Ansible Playbooks, authoring playbooks using Visual Studio Code, committing and pushing playbooks to git repository, and then later automating them with Ansible Tower.


  • What is Ansible and the Ansible Way
  • How Ansible works and its key components
  • Ansible: Tower walkthrough
  • Hands-on: Run ad-hoc commands on Windows node with Ansible Tower
  • Hands-on: Writing your first Ansible playbook using Windows modules
  • Hands-on: Creating and running a job template through Ansible Tower
  • Hands-on: Using variables, loops and handlers
  • Hands-on: Roles – making your playbooks reusable
  • Hands-on: Using Ansible modules for Windows Package Management and Patching
  • Wrap Up