What the Pandemic Taught Us about Digital Resiliency

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Written by Converge Technology Solutions Companies that survived the COVID-19 pandemic were able to recognize opportunities to accelerate digital transformation in the middle of crisis. They survived despite economic destruction that could cost the US economy up to $7.6 trillion in lost output, according to the Congressional Budget Office. However, what the pandemic taught us about digital resiliency [...]

What Does Multicloud Look Like in the New Era?

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Written by Converge Technology Solutions The cloud holds enormous potential for flexible, inexpensive data storage and information availability. Multicloud computing has helped move data out of on-premises hard drives and into convenient silos. But what does multicloud look like in the new era? Multicloud computing is redefining cloud computing by offering greater choice, flexibility and reliability as more [...]

How to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

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Written by Converge Technology Solutions Technology is more important now than ever before. Prior to 2020, many companies were concerned about their ability to carry out successful digital transformation initiatives without interruption. Then, remote demands brought about by the pandemic caused widespread acceleration in digital transformation, leaving some businesses pondering how to keep up. By digitalizing [...]

The Importance of Adaptive Infrastructure

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Written by Darren Livingston We live, work and compute in an era of constant change. So for information technology (IT) teams, the importance of adaptive infrastructure is undeniable. Adaptive infrastructure enables organizations and their IT teams to be more agile in responding to new challenges and more productive overall. It removes the burden of managing [...]

Beyond Watson: How enterprises can get AI right with IBM

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Beyond Watson: How enterprises can get AI right with IBM By Alex Paschal Senior Systems Engineer Nordisk Systems, a Converge Company More than a century ago, Alexander Graham Bell said the immortal words, “Hello, Mr. Watson. Can you hear me?” While he often spoke to his inventor partner, on that particular occasion they were 3,400 [...]