The Versatility and Value of IBM Power Systems

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By Ben Huntsman Large organizations need strong computing infrastructure to develop new applications, protect sensitive workloads and meet performance standards. Investing in IBM Power Systems can help companies meet their performance, efficiency, security and availability goals. This versatile infrastructure is able to run more workloads using fewer processing cores. As a result, IBM Power Systems [...]

How Healthcare Organizations Can Help Prepare Their IT Departments for What Comes Next

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Written by Converge Technology Solutions The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the healthcare industry’s need for digital transformation. With the increase in virtual health platforms, organizations experienced a sense of urgency to effectively integrate digital infrastructure. According to Dell Technologies’ Digital Transformation Index, 84% of healthcare execs relied on data and intelligent technologies during the pandemic. As healthcare facilities [...]

What the Pandemic Taught Us about Digital Resiliency

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Written by Converge Technology Solutions Companies that survived the COVID-19 pandemic were able to recognize opportunities to accelerate digital transformation in the middle of crisis. They survived despite economic destruction that could cost the US economy up to $7.6 trillion in lost output, according to the Congressional Budget Office. However, what the pandemic taught us about digital resiliency [...]

When to Use Hyperconverged Infrastructure: The Benefits of Integration

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Written by Todd Belcher Businesses want simpler, more agile IT environments. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) uses virtualization and fully integrated components to simplify and modernize IT infrastructure. Overall, HCI offers a lower cost of entry, simpler life-cycle management and less unplanned downtime. Here’s how HCI can improve your organization’s server performance. HCI uses integrated components and virtualization [...]

New Cybersecurity Tips for Data Protection

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Written by Todd Belcher Data is one of an organization’s most valuable resources, making it a popular target for cyber criminals. With more people working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic under weaker home security, Dell Technologies reports that ransomware attacks are up by 148%. Companies must protect their data to avoid costly downtime and potential loss of [...]

The Power of Dell Technologies: What to Know

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Written by Darren Livingston For over 30 years, Dell Technologies has been known for its robust hardware systems. Now, it’s also become a leading force in supporting digital transformation efforts. By emphasizing research and development, Dell drives innovation around the world and across sectors. Currently, it’s opening up new frontiers in artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of [...]

Don’t Make These Data Storage Mistakes

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Written by Converge Technology Solutions New digital technologies are opening the door for companies to acquire massive amounts of data. This information feeds machine learning algorithms and other applications to help business efficiency and proactive identification of customer and internal trends. Thus, organizations that want to optimize their resources need to embrace simple, efficient, secure data storage such [...]

What Does Multicloud Look Like in the New Era?

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Written by Converge Technology Solutions The cloud holds enormous potential for flexible, inexpensive data storage and information availability. Multicloud computing has helped move data out of on-premises hard drives and into convenient silos. But what does multicloud look like in the new era? Multicloud computing is redefining cloud computing by offering greater choice, flexibility and reliability as more [...]

The Essential Checklist for Data Center Interconnect Technology

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Written by Converge Technology Solutions In today’s expanding digital landscape, connecting and optimizing data are vital. Data center interconnect (DCI) solutions provide the necessary technology to connect two or more data centers with speed and performance as priorities. A hub of connectivity, DCI architecture is transforming network construction and improving how businesses and organizations process, share and optimize [...]

How to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

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Written by Converge Technology Solutions Technology is more important now than ever before. Prior to 2020, many companies were concerned about their ability to carry out successful digital transformation initiatives without interruption. Then, remote demands brought about by the pandemic caused widespread acceleration in digital transformation, leaving some businesses pondering how to keep up. By digitalizing [...]