The Power of Dell Technologies: What to Know

Written by Darren Livingston

For over 30 years, Dell Technologies has been known for its robust hardware systems. Now, it’s also become a leading force in supporting digital transformation efforts.

By emphasizing research and development, Dell drives innovation around the world and across sectors. Currently, it’s opening up new frontiers in artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things and sustainable infrastructure through its Dell EMC PowerEdge servers with VMware software.

Dell works with numerous organizations to generate technological advancements that aid diverse fields. As a result, it provides innovative solutions for businesses, nonprofit organizations, healthcare providers, universities and the military.

Research and development

Over the past 20 years, Dell has significantly increased research and development spending to become a leading IT services and solutions provider.

According to a report from Statista, Dell spent about $5.28 billion on research and development during the 2021 fiscal year. This is a significant increase from spending in 2000, which totaled $374 million.

Experts and expansion

With HPC & AI Centers of Excellence across the globe, Dell experts test new technologies daily. Developers at these innovation hubs evaluate high-speed data analytics, machine learning, system design and visual computing solutions. As a result, researchers are discovering more efficient ways to process, visualize and store data.

For example, researchers at the Texas Advanced Computing Center are combining science and art to conceptualize complex data sets in detailed visualization models. This form of data visualization is applicable across fields, potentially aiding doctors, astronomers and art historians.

Breakthroughs in AI technology

AI technology is also advancing the way researchers and developers analyze data and solve problems. Recently, AI technology has become a key player in neuroscience research.

Dell teamed up with researchers from McGill University and the University of Montreal to accelerate brain mapping with AI technology.

Using the Dell EMC Zenith supercomputer, a massive high-performance computer cluster, researchers can collect 20 terabytes of uncompressed data from each subject. This data is then used to create computer models of the brain that train artificial neural networks to map brain activity. The goal is to use this data to develop Alzheimer’s and dementia treatments.

Advancing technology with sustainability in mind

As developers create the technology necessary to optimize and support autonomous computing, IT companies are emphasizing sustainability. A case in point is Dell’s PowerEdge 15G servers, which offer increased energy efficiency, data processing capabilities and cyber-resilient architecture.

Developers designed the PowerEdge servers with ducted fans and adaptive cooling. These features improve energy efficiency by up to 60% compared to the previous generation of servers, according to PR Newswire.

Impact for businesses and organizations

Next-generation PowerEdge servers allow companies to complete data-intensive workloads through accelerator-optimized performance.

By collecting and analyzing information in real time, companies can analyze data wherever it resides. Businesses and organizations will be able to complete tasks faster and increase data insights.

Partnering with Converge and Dell

You need an IT solutions provider that ensures your company or organization is equipped with the best technology out there. By partnering with Dell, Converge is helping its customers get the industry’s leading technology.

IT experts at Converge can help you determine how your business or organization can improve your systems with cutting-edge technology that optimizes results.

Contact a Converge Technology Solutions expert and discover how you can implement Dell technology to make your digital transformation a reality.

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