How Healthcare Organizations Can Help Prepare Their IT Departments for What Comes Next

Written by Converge Technology Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the healthcare industry’s need for digital transformation. With the increase in virtual health platforms, organizations experienced a sense of urgency to effectively integrate digital infrastructure.

According to Dell Technologies’ Digital Transformation Index, 84% of healthcare execs relied on data and intelligent technologies during the pandemic. As healthcare facilities continue to implement the necessary updates to support increasing volumes of data, teams are seeking cloud-smart solutions that optimize workloads.

Understanding the industry’s needs will allow experts to generate IT solutions that deliver optimized care for patients—and prepare IT departments for what comes next.


Using data to meet healthcare needs

Dell’s Taking the Pulse data management survey from September 2020 highlights new data sets as a key factor in revolutionizing patient care. Ninety percent of IT experts predict that healthcare providers will use expansive data sets to create customized treatment plans that consider genetics and lifestyle.

As a result, the healthcare industry needs solutions that optimize data use and storage so medical professionals can analyze real-time data and quickly share results with patients.

Responding to virtual care demands

Due to the pandemic, healthcare workers and patients experienced a quick rollout of remote care technology. With the increase in remote care, healthcare providers need to implement digital infrastructure that safeguards sensitive patient information and hospital administrative data. Analytics engines, high-granularity automatic fingerprinting and other advancements can track malicious activity and protect data.


Developing the technology of tomorrow

Providing healthcare workers with additional data sets is an essential step in the future of clinical technology. By teaming up with IT experts, professionals can outline the necessary data for reaching more accurate diagnoses.

With intelligent monitoring devices, modern analytics platforms can measure thousands of data points remotely. As a result, these devices provide healthcare workers with large amounts of data to develop a complete diagnosis, even with telemedicine appointments.

Cloud-smart solutions for better patient care

Due to significant increases in patient information, the healthcare industry has accelerated its cloud transformation. Retooling the current infrastructure and implementing cloud-smart solutions is another crucial step for the future of healthcare in order to modernize legacy hardware and systems.

Having an operating model that stores significantly more data than the current digital infrastructure can enhance artificial intelligence technology. For instance, with multicloud approaches, artificial intelligence tools have access to millions of images and data sets to develop more accurate patient care.

By evaluating healthcare workloads and prioritizing patient-user experiences, IT experts can help effectively integrate these systems into the healthcare industry.

Healthcare IT transformation with Converge and Dell

Digital transformation can be an overwhelming process. However, with the right IT solutions partner, the transition can be seamless and effective.

For healthcare facilities especially, IT transformation is the future of medicine and patient care. With Dell’s Converged Infrastructure Portfolio, healthcare organizations can simplify and optimize data storage, protection and networking.

Converge Technology Solutions can help you implement and customize Dell’s offerings for your business. Contact a Converge Technology Solutions expert today and take the first step toward healthcare IT transformation.

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