How to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

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Technology is more important now than ever before. Prior to 2020, many companies were concerned about their ability to carry out successful digital transformation initiatives without interruption. Then, remote demands brought about by the pandemic caused widespread acceleration in digital transformation, leaving some businesses pondering how to keep up.

By digitalizing your business, investing in cybersupport and continually evaluating your business’s success, you can master the acceleration of your digital transformation.

COVID-19’s impact on digital transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic created the perfect time for digital transformation as it forced businesses around the world to suddenly operate remotely—at Dell Technologies, 90% of our workforce transitioned to working at home.

The Dell Technologies 2020 Digital Transformation Index shows that 80% of businesses worldwide fast-tracked at least some of their digital transformation programs during the year. However, half of these businesses worried they didn’t transition fast enough. Learning how to accelerate your digital transformation is essential for competing in a postpandemic world.

Digitalize your business

Accelerating digital transformation requires easy, streamlined data access from anywhere, whether that means empowering remote workforces or digitalizing physical office spaces.

 Empower remote work capabilities

In a postpandemic world, employees need the ability to work from anywhere. A robust remote workforce empowers employees, increases productivity and helps save on travel expenses, facilities overhead and maintenance costs. Those savings can then be reinvested into technology that supports the remote workforce, such as computers with machine learning and intelligent audio designed for virtual conferencing.

Digitize physical workspaces

Adapting physical workspaces to COVID-19 requirements creates the perfect opportunity for digital transformation. As more documents and data travel digitally, businesses modernize their information while also social distancing. However, ensuring that your digitalized business runs smoothly requires strong cybersecurity and infrastructure capabilities.

Strengthen cybersecurity

The next critical step to accelerate digital transformation is to protect your data from malicious infiltration or other cyberattacks. As remote workforces leave organizations more vulnerable to cyberattacks, securing data with cloud-based protection is essential.

 Improve modular infrastructure

Organizations need infrastructure that can handle rapid changes in technology. Hyperconverged infrastructure allows companies to scale and manage their IT workloads, upgrade software with minimal downtime and purchase only the infrastructure they need when they need it. This flexibility allows companies to easily adapt to any new or emerging technologies.

Evaluate your success

The path to accelerated digital transformation may not be linear. But by analyzing your business’s data, it’s easy to identify and overcome barriers to transformation.

Use data-driven analytics

Data is critical to every aspect of running a digitally transformed business, but not knowing what to do with that data can prevent successful transformation. Using data analytics to conduct research helps companies identify customer needs and improve business operations. Adjusting digital transformation plans using data analytics ensures successful evolution.

Successfully accelerate your digital transformation

Digital transformation is an ongoing process where change is the only constant. Successfully accelerating digital transformation means being agile enough to adapt to changes in technology, changing workforce landscapes and customer expectations.

Contact a Converge Technology Solutions expert and learn how to accelerate your digital transformation.

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